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Conquering Complexity with Time-Based Analytics

As the saying goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”  In practical terms, that means understanding the operational changes required to deliver superior investor returns must begin with aligning operating metrics with the results investors actually want—more total EBITDA dollars from the enterprise in a given period of time.

By supplementing the traditional profitability metric of “margin per product unit” with the metric of “profit per asset hour,” executives and managers gain new clarity on the choices they should make to deliver the results their investors demand.  Revealing hidden pockets of revenue and profit growth buried within a mass of untamable data, the Profit Velocity approach helps manufacturers generate more revenue and profit from the same assets and cost structure to drive shareholder value to new levels.

Engagement Areas

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Engagement Process

Our engagement process is structured to rapidly identify and quantify immediate and ongoing revenue and profit growth opportunities invisible to even the most diligent teams relying on traditional unit-based performance metrics.  Whether you’re an investor, an executive, or a consultant, Profit Velocity can design a project that fits your particular situation.  Engagements range from lightning quick Due Diligence assessments to short-term profit improvement evaluations, to ongoing relationship with regularly scheduled updates including enterprise-scale “what-if” simulations, and ongoing continuous profit improvement programs.  Our overarching goal is to design an engagement that delivers the greatest client value in the briefest possible time frame for the highest possible return on investment.

If Profit Velocity’s innovative approach to achieving breakthrough financial results for complex manufacturers intrigues you, please contact us so we can open a dialog that will explore your potential to deliver superior results to investors.