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Time is money.

Nowhere does this hold true more than in the competitive world of asset-intensive intensive manufacturing companies. PV Accelerator™ reveals hidden profit opportunities in the capacity utilization trade-offs facing sales, operations and finance. PV Accelerator™ is quick to deploy and can be set up in one week.


Industry Week
December 17,2013

What’s Trending for Manufacturers in 2014?
Disruptive Technologies, Sound Economics and Innovative Thinking Will Allow the Sector to Prosper in 2014. Breaking Silos with Big Data.

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“Profit Velocity is the missing link that
enables manufacturers to align sales
and production teams to generate
higher profits.”

Benson Shapiro
Professor Emeritus
Harvard School of Business
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The Benefits

What is PV Accelerator™ and how can it help your business?

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