Same machines.
More profit.
Profit Velocity Solutions enables complex manufacturers to make the right decisions about pricing, production, and sales management.  In 2 weeks clients can gain initial profit improvement insights.  Our clients have generated profit gains worth 1 to 3% of revenues.


Profit Velocity in 60 Seconds

A minute about profit velocity…

Dig out from rising maintenance costs.

Heavy duty vehicles and equipment used onsite by mining companies operate in some of the most extreme, rugged and demanding environments on earth. Costly, critical machinery must excel at all times under challenging conditions.

FilterMag’s technology extracts wear-causing particles from oil and other lubrication fluids to dramatically improve reliability and productivity.  

Find out how FilterMag® can help your operation extract more profit from your existing capital assets.


Profit Velocity Solutions

PV Accelerator

Profit Velocity Solutions brings the production, sales, and finance teams together and gets them aligned in a whole new understanding of what drives profit in your business.
  • Delivers rapid results and high ROI
  • Reveals hidden pockets of profit
  • Provides real time modeling of “What-if” scenarios
  • Bolts onto your existing ERP & MES systems
  • Contact us today and to get started on your own Initial Value Assessment (IVA)













Real-world results…

PV Accelerator™ enabled a $2B US packaging manufacturer to increase operating margins from 11% to 16%, and annual operating profit by $88 million within two years, an amount equal to 4% of revenue.
A $2B Asian electronic components manufacturer used PV Accelerator™ to prioritize incoming orders based on how fast they would flow profits through critical new equipment. This ramped up unit volume and revenue and increased operating profit from 41% to 51%. 
A leading global supplier of metal and plastic containers used PV Accelerator™ to optimize production capacity. This increased cash contribution by over $2 million on a $28 million line of products and freed an additional 2,329 hours of machine time.
The largest North American hardwood lumber producer generated a 10% increase in EBITDA and well over six to eight times return on investment in PV Accelerator™.

Tear down costs, build up profits

No matter what you're constructing, enhancing the reliability of your equipment and vehicles are cornerstones of effective project management from start to finish.

FilterMag extracts wear-causing particles from engine oil and other lubrication fluids and dramatically improves mechanical reliability and field productivity of your capital assets. Extended life of equipment means lower capital expenditures. Less maintenance means more profit. Find out how FilterMag® can improve your financial landscape.


Watch Video Testimonial

Profit Optimization at Northwest Hardwoods



News & Events

PEI Operating Partners Forum

Profit Velocity Solutions will present a workshop to offer strategies for creating growth within the context of limited resources on October 21, 2014 in New York City.  Read more:

Private Label Manufacturing Conference

Profit Velocity Solutions will be attending the Private Label Manufacturing Association (PLMA) Annual Washington conference on October 6-7 to talk about how our software-enabled services enable complex manufacturers to make the right decisions about pricing, production, and sales management.

2014 Contracting and Outsourcing Conference, Contract Pharma Magazine

Profit Velocity Solutions will be attending this conference on September 18-19, 2014 in New Brunswick, NJ.

CSCMP Global Annual Conference

Profit Velocity Solutions will be attending the Council of Supply Chain and Manufacuring Professionals conference on September 21-24, 2014 in San Antonio, TX.


Capital Roundtable, Master Class

Profit Velocity Solutions will be attending this conference on Best Practices for Overseeing Portfolio Companies, September 11, 2014 in New York City.


Next Gen Financial Analytics Drive Manufacturing Into Profitability

Data-driven manufacturing is generally being linked with equipment effectiveness, but it can also show a company whether what it is making is money.  It comes down to profit per hour.  Read on


Modern Manufacturing article

A revolution is brewing in the world of management accounting that is making high mix, high asset companies take a fresh look at how they figure out how much money they’re making. Read this exclusive feature on how Profit Velocity Solutions and its CEO Michael Rothschild is changing the game. 

OpEx article

"Is your OpEx Program Suboptimizing your Profitability?" in PVS partner XONITEK's newsletter: 

Association for Corporate Growth Manufacturing Conference

Profit Velocity Solutions will be exhibiting with Performance Improvement Partners (PIP), one of our partner companies, at the Association for Corporate Growth Manufacturing conference in NYC June 11. This is a Private Equity conference focused on Creating Value in US Manufacturing. PV Accelerator™ enables PE firms to significantly increase the EBITDA of their manufacturing portfolio companies faster. 

American Chemical Manufacturing Summit 

Is unit margin a distorted measure of manufacturing profitability? Learn more at the American Chemical Manufacturing Summit on May 13-14 in Pittsburgh, PA. Profit Velocity Solutions CEO Michael Rothschild will lead a workshop to show how manufacturers are applying the new "profit velocity" (PV) metric to achieve better margins and higher return on assets.


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Initial Value Assessment

See Immediate Results


An IVA (Initial Value Assessment) is a rapid, non?invasive, and inexpensive consulting exercise designed to show immediate opportunities for profit improvement. Additionally, IVAs:  

·         Quantify several specific profit gain opportunities for the Portco.

·         Reveal much deeper insights into their data than the other tools currently in their arsenal.

·         Connect the capabilities of PVA to several Portco executive “hot topics” currently under debate. 

·         Justify or Disprove conventional wisdom with supporting quantitative evidence.

·         Demonstrate the on-demand “what-if” planning power of the PVA system.

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